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It's time for sweet treats and musical fun with the Polly Pocket™ Pocket World Cupcake Compact! The compact is shaped like a cupcake and opens to a themed café world with sweet treats and fun performances featuring micro Polly™ and Shani™ dolls. Compact also features these secret reveals: kitchen/cooking area has a secret surprise reveal with a fridge door that opens; upstairs there is a door that opens to reveal a surprise! In the café, lift the table up to reveal a performance stage area where Polly™ doll can perform with a microphone. Place her on the stage and move the button left to right and watch Polly™ doll move to the groove! Now it's time for a delivery and Polly™ and Shani™ dolls can jump on their delivery scooter and zip away to deliver their sweet treats! Compact is small enough to take anywhere, anytime for sweet Polly Pocket™ adventures.